Extracting large number of metafeatures

In this example, we will extract all possible metafeatures from the Iris dataset.

from sklearn.datasets import load_iris
from pymfe.mfe import MFE

# Load a dataset
data = load_iris()
y = data.target
X = data.data

Using standard parameters, we will get only a few metafeatures. They are most commonly used in the community.

mfe = MFE()
mfe.fit(X, y)
ft = mfe.extract()

Using the value all you can extract all available metafeatures. For this, set the groups and summary with all.

mfe = MFE(groups="all", summary="all")
mfe.fit(X, y)
ft = mfe.extract()


Be careful when using all the metafeatures because you can bring to meta-level the curse of dimensionality.

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